Alloy Wheel Refurbishments, Lancaster.

KLS Motors Ltd has a fantastic reputation throughout Lancaster for offering the best value for money for Alloy Wheel Refurbishments.

Lancaster Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Experts

For the refurbishment of your car’s alloys, KLS Motors are the leading brand in Lancaster. Alongside alloy wheel repairing, alloy wheel refurbishment is also an exceptional speciality that you can experience at our repairing centre.
With pride, our refurbishment service is equipped with the latest equipment that eases the job for our refurbishing specialists and will get your car ready to rock on the road in minimum time.
If your car’s alloys have gone dull and scrappy, then it’s time to provide them with a superb level of alloy wheel refurbishments. Alloy wheel refurbishment is as important as the service of a car. A clean car with neat alloys makes a great combo.

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Professional Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Lancaster

Alloy wheel refurbishment is a technique that covers a number of procedures. From powder coating to polishing to diamond cutting, every procedure brings an outstanding result to the look of the alloys.
There are several methods of refurbishment which depend upon the condition of the alloy. Following are the refurbishment services that we provide to our customers and entertain them with the best finishing.

1. Powder Coating Technique

If the alloy is too damaged, then a combination of powder coating and wet spray is applied, which takes the alloy back to its original but new look.
For a complete colour change of the alloy, the same method is applied. It usually takes the refurbishment of the whole wheel if the damage is of severe condition.

2. Diamond Cutting Technique

After powder coating, the diamond cutting process is another method for alloy wheel refurbishment. With a bit of addition, the whole procedure of the diamond cutting refurbishment is similar to that of the powder coating technique.
In the diamond cutting method, a micro section of the metal is removed from the alloy to provide a diamond cutting classic finish.

3. Cosmetic Repairing

The third method in the list of refurbishments is cosmetic repairing. It is also known as “Smart” repairing. Cosmetic repairing is not as intensive as powder coating or diamond cutting refurbishments.
It is just a minimal repair to the small damaged areas of the alloys, such as fixing the damaged area colour to the rest of the wheel.

Why Do Alloys Need Refurbishment?

Your alloys need refurbishment when they are cleaned by abrasive cleaners, electric buffers or wire wool pads. That is why we recommend avoiding car wash wheel cleaners every time, especially if you just have refurbished the wheels.