Professional Alloy Wheel Straightening in Lancaster

Restore your car’s performance and safety with KLS Motors’ Alloy Wheel Straightening in Lancaster. Expert care to return your wheels to perfect alignment and smooth driving.

Precision Alloy Wheel Straightening In Lancaster

At KLS Motors, our alloy wheel straightening in Lancaster addresses bends and damages caused by road impacts.

Using precision hydraulic tools, we heat and reshape your wheels to their original condition, enhancing both the performance and aesthetics of your vehicle and ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience.

5 Signs You Need Alloy Straightening:

If you are experiencing any of these signs please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, our experts are here to help!

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Why Trust Us For Your Wheel Care

At KLS Motors, trust our skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology for precise alloy wheel straightening in Lancaster. We prioritise quality, swift service, and customer satisfaction, ensuring your wheels are safely restored with minimal downtime. Choose us for reliable, expert care that gets you back on the road quickly.

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How We Recover Your Alloys

Discover how we restore your alloy wheels with our detailed step-by-step straightening process, ensuring each wheel performs safely and looks as good as new.

1: Initial Inspection

Our technicians assess the wheel for any damage such as bends or cracks to determine the feasibility of straightening.

2: Wheel Cleaning

The wheel is thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, brake dust, and debris, ensuring a clean surface for accurate repair work.

3: Heat Application

The damaged area is carefully heated to the appropriate temperature to make the metal malleable and easier to reshape.

4: Precision Straightening

Using specialised hydraulic equipment, the wheel is methodically pressed back into its original shape, correcting any deformities.

5: Cooling Down

After reshaping, the wheel is allowed to cool at a controlled rate to set the repairs and maintain the new shape.

6: Final Inspection

The wheel undergoes a final inspection to ensure it meets safety standards, followed by balancing to ensure smooth operation.

Straighten Your Wheels, Smooth Your Ride

Experience expert Alloy Wheel Straightening in Lancaster at KLS Motors. Contact us now to restore your wheels’ performance and enhance your driving safety.

Where We Work...

KLS Motors proudly serves Lancaster and the surrounding areas, offering professional alloy wheel services to clients in Morecambe, Carnforth, and Preston. Trust us for reliable, local service excellence.

Alloy Wheel Straightening FAQs

Get all your questions about alloy wheel straightening answered here. Learn about the process, benefits, and what you can expect when you choose KLS Motors for your wheel repairs.

What is alloy wheel straightening?

Alloy wheel straightening is a repair process used to fix bent or deformed wheels. It involves heating and using hydraulic presses to reshape the wheel back to its original form.

How do I know if my wheel needs straightening?

Signs that your wheel may need straightening include unusual vibrations, a noticeable wobble in the wheel, uneven tyre wear, and difficulty steering.

Can all alloy wheels be straightened?

Most alloy wheels can be straightened unless the damage is too severe. Severe cracks or breaks where the wheel is losing air or structural integrity may require replacement.

Is wheel straightening safe?

Yes, when performed by professionals using the correct equipment, wheel straightening is safe and effective. Properly straightened wheels will retain their strength and function as intended.

How long does the straightening process take?

The time required for straightening an alloy wheel typically ranges from a few hours to a day, depending on the severity of the damage and the specific repair procedures involved.