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Your Highly Reliable Alloy Wheel Repair in Morecambe

Our alloy wheel repair services in Morecambe are trustworthy and handled by fully experienced professionals.

Our skilled technicians are equipped with the techniques to repair or refurbish scuffed wheels to their original condition.

Trust us to deliver results and massively improve the overall appearance of your car.

Features of Our Alloy Wheel Repairs

We've Repaired For...

Ultimate Alloy Wheel Repair Services in Morecambe

Proudly serving delighted customers nationwide, we deliver unmatched work quality and impeccable finishes, exceeding expectations every time.

Explore our portfolio showcasing repaired customer alloys restored to factory standard after arriving scuffed or damaged.

We Repair...

At KLS Motors, we offer multiple different services depending on the issue you have.

Our services address damaged wheels and worn-out finishes, providing solutions like powder coating for restored appearance and durability. Additionally, diamond cutting adds precision and elegance to corroded wheels.

Do you have these issues?

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What We Offer and Our Process

Explore our solutions to restore your alloys to pristine factory standards. Take a look at the options below:

Experience remarkable wheel transformations through our alloy powder coating process.

  1. Submerge wheels to eliminate previous coatings using a specialised formula.
  2. Employ shot-blasting for a textured surface, ensuring optimal adhesion.
  3. Address, fill, sand, and restore damaged areas to their former glory.
  4. Apply a first-stage powder coating and add a protective lacquer for enduring durability and a finish.

Cosmetic repairs are perfect for minor wheel damage, blending into the undamaged area.

While not as long-lasting as full refurbishments, our system ensures the highest quality repairs

  1. Our technicians assess the damage and recommend suitable cosmetic repair solutions.
  2. The wheel is cleaned for optimal paint adhesion.
  3. Damage is removed, and metal fillers are used if required. The wheel is sanded and colour-matched.
  4. Apply wet paint, blending into the wheel, then add protective lacquer for durability against environmental elements.

Experience diamond cutting, a specialised alloy wheel refurbishment process, adding a touch of precision to your wheels with machine-cut patterns.

  1. Experts evaluate and determine the suitability of diamond cutting for your wheel.
  2. Clean the wheel, ensuring a smooth surface for precise cutting.
  3. Our lathe cuts the wheel’s surface for a machine-cut finish.
  4. After passing thorough quality checks, your wheel enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle.

Do You Want Your Alloys Looking Brand New?

In addition to complete alloy repairs, we provide alloy refurbishment services.

Do these problems sound familiar?...

If so, alloy refurbishment could be the best option to bring your alloys back to factory standards.

Our FAQ Section

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services, processes, and more. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with the latest information!

Are alloy wheel repairs worth it?

Yes, alloy wheel repairs are worth it. Repairing damaged wheels is a cost-effective alternative to replacing them entirely. It restores the appearance, functionality, and value of your wheels, extending their lifespan and maintaining the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

How do you repair alloys?

Alloy wheel repair involves inspection, dent/scratch repair, straightening, refinishing, and quality checks for a restored and flawless appearance.

Is a cracked alloy wheel an MOT failure?

Yes, a cracked alloy wheel is considered a serious safety issue and will result in an MOT failure. It is essential to repair or replace the cracked wheel before the MOT inspection.

Can you match the colour of the repaired alloy wheel to my vehicle?

Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques to achieve a flawless colour match, ensuring the repaired alloy wheel blends with your vehicle.

Will the repaired alloy wheel be as strong as before?

Rest assured, our alloy wheel repair process reinstates both the appearance and structural integrity of the wheel, ensuring strength and durability akin to its original state.

Can I drive with a damaged alloy wheel?

For anything more than a scrape, a repair will likely be necessary. In the meantime, exercise extreme caution while driving to avoid worsening the issue. Drive at reduced speeds, and if possible, avoid driving altogether until the wheel is repaired.

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