How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Alloy Wheel?

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Alloy Wheel?

If you’re asking “How much does it cost to repair an alloy wheel?” you’re not alone. Many vehicle owners find themselves facing this question after encountering potholes, curbs, or other road hazards that can damage the stylish alloy wheels that come with many modern vehicles. This blog will delve into the various factors that influence the cost of alloy wheel repairs, explore different types of damage and repair methods, and offer tips for minimising future wheel damage.

Understanding Alloy Wheel Damage

Alloy wheels are susceptible to various types of damage, each affecting repair costs differently. Here’s a breakdown of common issues:

  • Cosmetic Damage: Scratches, scuffs, and discolouration that affect the wheel’s appearance but not its function.
  • Structural Damage: Includes bends and cracks that can compromise the wheel’s integrity and safety.
  • Corrosion Damage: Often caused by salt and water exposure, leading to pitting and oxidisation.

Each type of damage requires specific repair techniques, impacting the overall cost.

Factors Influencing Repair Costs

Several factors can affect the cost of repairing an alloy wheel:

  1. Extent of Damage: Minor cosmetic damage is generally less expensive to repair than structural damage which may require more complex processes such as welding or re-machining the wheel.
  2. Type of Alloy Wheel: Standard wheels are typically less expensive to repair compared to specialised or premium wheels, such as those found on high-end sports cars or custom designs.
  3. Local Market Rates: Labor costs can vary significantly depending on your location. Urban areas with higher costs of living typically charge more for wheel repair services.
  4. Repair Method: Techniques like powder coating, CNC machining, or welding can affect the cost based on the equipment and expertise required.
  5. Wheel Size and Finish: Larger wheels or those with intricate designs may cost more to repair due to the increased labour and materials needed.

Average Cost of Alloy Wheel Repairs

To give you a general idea of what you might expect to pay, here are some average costs based on the type of damage:

  • Cosmetic Repairs: On average, £50 to £150 per wheel. This covers minor scratches and scuffs.
  • Bending: On average, £75 to £200 per wheel. This process involves reshaping the wheel and is necessary if it has been deformed but not cracked.
  • Crack Repairs: On average, £150 to £500 per wheel. Welding is often required for cracked wheels, which can be costly.
  • Complete Refurbishment: On average, £100 to £400 per wheel. This involves repairing any damage and refinishing the wheel’s surface.

Detailed Breakdown of Repair Processes and Costs

1. Cosmetic Repair Process:

  • Sanding and Painting: This is the most common approach for fixing scratches and involves sanding down the damaged area, applying a filler if necessary, and repainting the wheel.
  • Cost: Materials like paint and filler are relatively inexpensive, but labour can add to the cost, depending on the severity and quantity of scratches.

2. Structural Repair Process:

  • Wheel Straightening: Uses hydraulic pressure to realign bent wheels.
  • Crack Welding: This involves cleaning the cracked area, applying a strong metallic filler via welding, and sometimes re-machining the surface of the wheel.
  • Cost: These repairs are labour-intensive and require expensive equipment, thus costing more.

3. Complete Refurbishment Process:

  • Stripping and Powder Coating: The entire wheel is stripped of its original finish, any damage is repaired, and a new coat of powder coating is applied.
  • Cost: This process is comprehensive and involves multiple steps, making it one of the more expensive options.

Reducing Future Repair Costs

Maintaining your alloy wheels can help reduce the frequency and severity of repairs:

  • Regular Cleaning: Prevent the build-up of damaging materials like brake dust and road salt.
  • Driving Habits: Avoid potholes and curbs which are common causes of wheel damage.
  • Protective Coatings: Applying a wheel sealant can help protect against minor scratches and corrosion.


So, how much does it cost to repair an alloy wheel? As you can see, the price can vary widely based on several factors. It’s important to consult with a professional who can assess the damage and provide a precise quote.

If you need a quote for any alloy repairs please contact us today!

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